A Guide to Monoblock Driveways Edinburgh Homeowners Can Refer To

Below you will find an informational guide to monoblock driveways Edinburgh homeowners can refer to, when they need to know what monoblock driveway construction is, and how it is carried out.

How is a Monoblock Driveway Planned?

Before the construction of your new monoblock driveway can commence, the driveway needs to be planned. When considering monoblock driveways Edinburgh residents are advised to find a reputable local company, that will do the planning for you.

One thing you will need to make sure of once a local firm has developed a plan for your new driveway is to make sure that they have left around 30cm at each edge to deal with material overspill and trimming.

How is a Monoblock Driveway Excavated?

If this is a new driveway construction, some excavation will be needed to remove the excess soil and make space for the driveway to be laid. This dig off will likely be done using a mechanical digger. Make sure there is plenty of space between the planned area of the driveway and other features such as flower beds so that nothing else in the front garden is ruined during the excavation. When planning for monoblock driveways Edinburgh residents should discuss this issue with their contractor, to ensure these other features are protected.

Once the excavation is complete, then any required drainage needs to be fitted at this stage.

How is a Monoblock Driveway Sub-Base Laid?

A layer of sub-base needs to be laid now, this should be around 10cm thick. The sub-base needs to be spread evenly across the excavated ground. If there are any deeper parts of the excavation or any odd holes, then they should be filled with hardcore before the sub-base is spread.

When installing monoblock driveways Edinburgh residents need to discuss with their contractor whether they need to install a membrane underneath the sub-base so that the material cannot sink down into the soil beneath.

How Are Monoblock Driveway Edge Course and Curbs Laid?

Once the sub-base had been laid and spread, then it is time to work on the edge course and curbs of the driveway. This means using string guides to make sure straight edges are indeed straight and checking that any curves are sweet.

The haunch at the edge of the driveway should be around 7.5cm thick. When considering monoblock driveways Edinburgh homeowners should check with their chosen contractor to ensure that they so use a 7.5cm haunch.

Whichever type of curb you have chosen will now be laid. Once this has been done the edge course will be laid, before moving on to laying the screed.

How Is a Monoblock Driveway Screed Laid?

The screed layer is what the blocks of the driveway are going to be set onto. Screed needs to be around 4cm deep.

When considering monoblock driveways Edinburgh homeowners should check with their chosen contractor to ensure that they so use a 4cm screed.

The screed needs to be entirely uniform and smooth over its entire area, this is a critical part of the driveway laying proves. The more accurate and uniform the screed is, the easier it will be to lay the blocks.

How Is a Monoblock Driveway Laid?

Once the screed has been laid, then it is time to move on to actually laying the blocks.

A good contractor will open multiple packs of blocks and select randomly from each so that any small deformities with a manufactured batch are soaked up by the surrounding bricks.

How Is a Monoblock Driveway Aligned and Cut In?

Once the blocks have been laid, they should be checked for alignment. String and alignment bars can be used to check the diagonals of the driveway are level before they are cut in.

Once the blocks have been checked for alignment, they can be cut in. When considering monoblock driveways Edinburgh homeowners should check that their chosen contractor has proper block cutting tools to do this.

How Is a Monoblock Driveway Jointed and Completed?

Loose jointing sand should be swept over the blocks, and into the joints between them. Once this has been done, the entire driveway needs to be compacted. When considering the installation of monoblock driveways Edinburgh homeowners should check that their contractor has a proper vibrating plate compactor to do this. Once compacting is complete, excess sand should be swept off and the driveway is complete. However, it may take several weeks for the jointing sand to do its job completely, so be careful not to do anything that could move the blocks during this phase.

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