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Are you tired of having an unattractive and inaccessible driveway? The outdoor design of your property is incomplete when it’s devoid of driveways that allow easy movement of vehicles and pedestrians in and out of your home.

There are many ways to overcome these problems and bring about permanent satisfying solutions. This is why, within and around Edinburgh, you can count on the skills of professionals from Edinburgh Driveway Solutions to create or renovate the driveways leading to your garage and house.

driveway in edinburghSome Possibilities for Your Outdoor Driveway


  • Gravels


A gravel-filled driveway is the simplest and most economical solution for the construction of an outdoor driveway. They are suitable for the passage of cars and pedestrians, but are less suitable for bicycles and strollers.M9


  • Self-locking blocks


The paving of a driveway garage or pedestrian walkway using this method is made from very thick stones that join together. The pavers must be self-locking to provide a floor that is both stable and aesthetic.


  • Slabs


The paving of an outside aisle is done with flat stones. There is a wide choice of paving stones which can be just as suitable for laying out a pedestrian walkway as it is suitable for vehicles.


  • Concrete


Concrete is one of the most widely used solutions for an outdoor driveway. Concrete, which can be deactivated, draining or stamper/printed concrete, guarantees a solid and uniform rendering. Its use is particularly recommended to facilitate the passage of motorcycles and cars.

  • Asphalt   

An asphalt driveway is flexible and durable. It doesn’t crack as readily as the other types of materials. It is ideal for driveways and is often available in red, black or gray.


  • Wood


Wood can also be used as a coating for an outdoor driveway. It is used in the form of slats or gratings and is ideal for embellishing all types of garden paths.


  • Pebbles


Among the possibilities of developing a garden path, pebbles can also be considered. Although their installation takes longer and is more delicate than most other coverings, they allow a very aesthetic and original result to be obtained for a garden path.

Why Choose Us?

Thanks to our many years of experience, we offer you sustainable solutions adapted to your budget and in harmony with your home.

We will suggest different solutions to enhance your home, match your surroundings, guide your guests to your front door, and above all, enhance the beauty of your driveway.

Whether you want a pedestrian walkway or motorable driveway, there is a wide choice of solutions adapted to all budgets. We offer a variety of professional services for you to choose from.

Our Services in View

  1. Driveway construction
  2. Fencing
  3. Landscaping
  4. Walling Turfing
  5. Stonework
  6. Paving
  7. Jet Washing
  8. Artificial Grass
  9. Patios

Need a Driveway for Your Environment?

Contact us today and we will advise you on how to make a choice that fits your garden and garage area. We will also provide you with a free estimate. The driveway you always wanted is just a phone call away.